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World Trade Press Databases

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Global Road Warrior

Global Road warrior is a  database of constantly updated proprietary editorial and graphics for 175 countries of the world. It provides deep content coverage in major topic areas of society and culture, travel, communications, business, trade, marketing, and security. Currently, the database has7,000,000+ words of editorial, 1,750+ country maps and 12,000+ photographs This product and others create a product line that distinguishes World Trade Press in the field of electronic data publication.
A to Z World Travel

Travel guides and resources for over 200 cities around the world.

Covering more than 200 cities worldwide, this database is perfect for travelers and students that need quick and accurate information. A to Z World Travel also includes local recipes and language tips.
Lingo Lite


LingoLITE™ helps you learn basic vocabulary in 30 languages.

LingoLITE™ uses images, text, and native speaker video to help you learn vocabulary up to four times faster than any other method. LingoLITE™ uses Associative Multimedia Learning™ to help your brain associate an image with the correct word in a language without first translating it from your native language.

LingoLITE™ draws upon our library of 76,000 native speaker video clips to help you learn faster, easier, and better.